It must have been somewhere in 1983. I was 9 years old and was just about to discover popular music. Another kid from the neighbourhood made me a tape with a couple of songs from ‘Thriller’. A few years later with the release of ‘Bad‘ things really took of. I started to collect al kinds of MJ memorabilia. Besides things like posters, t-shirts and magazines, most (if not all) of my money was spend on the one thing that mattered the most; THE MUSIC. I bought every LP, single, maxi single, video tape and later CD, CD Single or DVD that I could find. My very first album, 14 Greatest Hits, I bought in 1987 together with my sister. She could have the glove and the poster, I got the LP.

Fast forward to 2015. I thought it would be nice to make an online catalog of my collection, which consists of nearly 700 different items. You can browse by artist and after that by item. Please note that none of these items are for sale.  Enjoy!

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