This is my Jackson collection

It must have been somewhere in 1983. I was 9 years old and I was just about to discover popular music. Another kid from the neighborhood made me a tape with a couple of songs from ‘Thriller‘. I remember ‘Human Nature’, ‘Beat It’ and ‘Thriller’ being on it. A few years later with the release of ‘Bad‘ things really took off and real fandom had started. I began to collect all kinds of MJ memorabilia and soon I bought my very first MJ album: 14 Greatest Hits. A beautiful picture disc that came with a white glove and a poster. Besides things like magazines, t-shirts and posters, most of my cash was spend on the one thing that mattered to me the most; THE MUSIC. I bought every Jackson LP, single, maxi single, video tape and later CD, CD Single or DVD that I could find.

Fast forward to 2003. I thought it would be nice to make this website, which is an online catalog of my entire collection. Nowadays it consists of well over 1000 different items! 

Choose a category

To browse my collection, you first have to choose which Jackson you want to see. You can choose for Michael, The Jacksons, Jackson 5 etc. After that you can choose a format like LP, CD, 7″ or 12″. Please note that this is my personal collection and that none of these items are for sale. I hope you enjoy browsing through my collection.